love love love


lowmotion_12inch_lovelovelove1.jpglove love love will be released on february 4th, on eskimo recordings. remixes by aeroplane, l.s.b., still going and soft rocks featuring kathy diamond.


5 Responses to “love love love”

  1. 1 Nikos D.

    Just listened the Aeroplane remix and sounds really amazing! Going to listen yours now…

    Can’t wait for the release – keep it up :)

  2. i like the artwork. the small samples i have been able to dig up sound cool. any plans for a full album?

  3. 3 lowmotiondisco

    full album coming up summer 2008 on eskimo recordings.

  4. 4 floodkoff

    This is amazing vynil record, one from the few, where every track is a little electronic diamond. Please, guys, stay cool as you are, I wish you all the best. It is a very well begining. Looking forward your new album.
    I’ll grow a beard, if Aeroplane will continue to make such great remixes in future, I promise.

  5. 5 floodkoff

    Hugs and kisses from Saint-Petersburg :)

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