01 I Bon Iver I For Emma, Forever Ago I Jagjaguwar
02 I A Mountain Of One I Institute Of Joy I 10 Worlds
03 I Quiet Village I Silent Movie I K7!
04 I Trus’ me I Working Nights I Fat City
05 I Sébastien Tellier I Sexuality I Record Makers
06 I William Fitzsimmons I The Sparrow and the Crow I Dark Sparrow Records
07 I Sophie Hunger I Monday’s Ghost I Gentlemen Records
08 I Ass I My Get Up and Go Just Got Up and Went I Headspin Recordings
09 I TV On The Radio I Dear Science I 4AD
10 I Sigur Ros I Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust I EMI


01 I Radio 200’000 I Sache Schtäle I Nation Music
02 I Ben Sollee I A Few Honest Words I sonaBLAST!
03 I 6th Borough Project I Just a Memory I L.E.S.S.
04 I Invisible Conga People I Cable Dazed I Italians do it Better
05 I Gameplay I Henri Texier I Gameplaymusic
07 I Try To Find Me Vol.1 I Make Dance I Golf Channel Recordings
08 I Free Blood I Grumpy (Greg Wilson Version) I Rong/DFA
09 I Ghost Note I Holy Jungle I Golf Channel Recordings
10 I Low Motion Disco I The Low Murderer is out at Night (Jacques Renault Remix) Unreleased


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  1. 1 the langenfeld : Love Love Love

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