compiled and mixed at low motion disco camp vol.2


some of our late summer favourites, played in a row.
keep it low

smith&mudd I wem I claremont 56 2008
cos/mes I build the band (at 33) I high feelings 2008
shitan I disco shitan I barclay 1977
brassica I the centre I dissident 2009
black joy I starship I project recordings 2007
axel m. heilhecker I for your pleasure I think progressive 2001
frank comstock I on the dark side of the moon I warner 1962
tom verlaine I a parade in littleton I thrill jockey 2006
karat I der blaue planet (dj giulio edit) I pool 1981/2009
burnt friedman jaki liebezeit I 120-5 I nonplace, nonplace 2008
ronnie dyson I all over your face (jacques renault edit) 2008
lake heartbeat I mystery (ydre rymden dansskola) I service 2009
bing ji ling I home (phenomenal handclap band) I lovemonk 2009
djamel allam I samarkande I abs bellisima 2006
ann sorel I l’amour à plusieurs I pathé marconi emi 1972


5 Responses to “compiled and mixed at low motion disco camp vol.2”

  1. thanks for this mix!
    it’s the best thing
    so far today!

  2. I will not stop playing it.
    It’s a musical gem. Very interesting and involving too.
    I like it very much.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. 3 ike

    gotta love the tom verlaine.

  4. 4 Backrow

    Really really really like this, never tire of hearing it

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