we are low motion disco. we keep things slow. 


12 Responses to “about”

  1. 1 nico

    so so smoldering. love it. where/when to buy?


  2. 2 lowmotiondisco

    end of march. all over the place.

  3. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. scrounging around NYC for the 12s. we do still love you, as a matter of fact.

  4. 5 Jayf

    Things Are Gonna Get Easier – what a face melting tune!

    When does it drop?

  5. 6 sascha

    wowwwwww! just discovered your sound ! ! ! finally i know what i was looking for. congrats. as i work as a dj my guests will be introduced to your sound from now on, best sound before the party gets started. thx for the music,
    sascha from germany

  6. 7 kasia

    Wandering if you guys are touring through europe? Great album!

  7. 8 Nowy

    great album!!!

    and the sebastien tellier remix is also great!
    sounds like a giorgio moroder hit! :)

  8. 9 Roger

    I heard Keep It Low in a record store, bought it right away. Beautiful energy, great!

    Just suddenly very curious, what studio gear do you work with? There is just no information in the bookledge of the CD, I assume one of you is a guitarist?



  9. 10 winston

    hi there
    randomly heard your interview on viva-radio and thought.
    hmmm, I remember this voice? oh, yes, this guy saved my Sunday afternoons in my childhood in Switzerland!
    Good music!
    congrats from italy

  10. kool blog, excellent music to discover. love it! keep on your good work!

  11. 12 donato

    Any news on a follow up in 2010? VERY interested in any vinyl releases

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