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a full cd of tracks we recorded in 2002 to get our baby to fall asleep. here’s a track called “swigur”. Advertisements

did we ever give away that rondo veneziano remix we did for sally shapiro? well we do now. grab it. 100 downloads. until someone gives us a soundcloud pro account.

we contributed a brandnew track to the amnesty international peace compilation. it’s called “prayer wheel” and it’s right here

when going trough our hard disk we found an edit we once did. it’s called “rest in faith” and it’s up on our soundcloud for a limited 100 downloads

ALBUM 01  I  Schnitzer I  The Debut Of The Quartet  I  Patzer Records 02  I  The Time And Space Machine I  You Are The One EP  I  Tirk 03  I  Meanderthals I  Desire Lines  I  Smalltown Supersound 04  I  Mos Def I  The Extatic  I  Downtown Music 05  I  Ryuichi Sakamoto I  Out Of Noise  […]

additional love


EL PERRO DEL MAR “L Is For Love” (Low Motion Disco’s Additional Love Remix) gone by now. no repost. thank you.

pete drake doing his thing in 1959